All members of the University community including staff, students and alumni as stipulated in the University Statutes are allowed to use the library. Borrowing rights are accorded to all members of the university community mentioned above and who are also registered as library users. All persons wishing to access borrowing services must complete an official application membership form and must sign the declaration to abide by the regulations. Members will be registered using their student/staff ID cards. The ID card must be produced whenever books are borrowed.

Borrowing quotas and loan period

The following lending periods shall apply for different categories:


No. of items

No. of Days

Teaching staff



Non-teaching staff



Post-graduate students



Undergraduates students



Diploma/Cert students



Borrowing rules

1.      Student/staff ID cards must be produced whenever books are borrowed

2.      User IDs must not be lent to other people and loss of any such should be reported immediately to the Circulation Librarian

3.      Certain materials may not be borrowed for use outside the library i.e. reference materials, newspapers or reserved books

4.      No book shall be taken out of the library until it has been officially issued.

5.      The user whose name a book is issued shall be solely responsible for returning it.

6.      Books which have already been borrowed by other readers and no extra copies are available may be reserved online or at the circulation desk.

Fines and payment for lost books

1.      Any borrower, who fails to return or renew a book on the date due, shall be charged a fine of ten shillings per book per day. (Sundays and Public Holidays are NOT included in calculating the fines charged.)

2.      Users who lose library books will be required to pay for replacement:

a.      Initial cost of the book

    1. 10% of the initial cost per year; for the time since the book was accessioned
    2. An additional amount of administrative cost of Kshs 500
    3. The fine however continues to accumulate at Kshs 10 per day per book until the book is replaced or repaid for.


3.      All library books remain the property of the University and replacement cost paid will not be refundable when the books are returned.

4.      All library users are requested to return to the library any books or IDs that they may find misplaced.

5.      A fine of ten shillings per book per day will be charged to those who fail to return recalled books.

6.      Any borrower who fails to return a book to the short loan collection at the specified time shall be charged fine of ten shillings per book per day.

7.      The right to borrow may be withdrawn until all the books have been returned and any outstanding fines have been paid.