Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a library member?

All registered students and staff of The Mombasa Polytechnic University College are qualified members. Non-members of the University showing particular need may apply to the University Librarian.

How many books can I borrow, for how long?

Students are allowed to borrow a maximum of two (2) books for a maximum of three (3) weeks. This is however for items on long term loan. Items on short term loan are given for a period of two days.

Why do I have to leave my bag with the security?

ANSWER: For security reasons. Although the MPUC library trusts all its users, in the past and in other university libraries, some clients have been found to have left the library with information materials they did not legally borrow. Also within the library some clients complain that they left their bags in the library and later did not find them. So for your security and for the security of information materials, your bag should be left with the security at the entrance. Be assured that your bag is safe with the security personnel.

I can't find the book I am looking for?

How do I access electronic journals?

On the MPUC homepage window click the library link. Upon accessing the library link, look for ‘research tools’ and click on ‘electronic journals’ Some databases are only accessible through the use of usernames and passwords which can be obtained from the library staff.

How do I communicate with the library?

Your can do this in several ways.

Why am I paying fine for a late item?

Information resources are to be borrowed and used till the due date which is stamped on them. The client is to be charged some amount on a daily cumulative basis on failure to return the item before the due date.