Lending Service and borrowing procedure

All members of the University community including staff, students and alumni as stipulated in the University Statutes are allowed to use the library. Non-members of the University showing particular need may apply to the University Librarian. However, borrowing rights are only accorded to persons mentioned above and who are also registered as library users. All persons wishing to access borrowing services must complete an official applicationmembership form and must sign the declaration to abide by the regulations. Members will be registered using their student/staff ID cards. The ID card must be produced whenever books are borrowed. 1.2 Borrowing quotas and loan period

The following lending periods shall apply for different categories:
CategoryNo. of itemsNo. of Days
Teaching staff 7 28
Non-teaching staff 5 21
Post-graduate students 5 21
Undergraduates students 4 14
Diploma/Cert students 3 14
Visitors 2 7

1.3 Borrowing rules

1.4 Renewals

1.5 Fines and payment for lost books

1.6 Short loan / reserved collection

This include materials in heavy demand, which are kept behind the Issue desk. Lecturers who want groups of students to have access to specific material can put books and photocopied journal articles on short loan for specified periods of time.