Tum Library wins e-resource promotion competition

"We would like to congratulate you, on behalf of Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) for winning one of the 2013 electronic resource promotion competition grants of $500". INASP
The Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) will use the grant to strengthen theirs existing e-resources promotion and training activities by organising a library week to involve the university and by developing and rolling out a promotional plan that will include the production of new promotion materials and a new faculty newsletter.
Many libraries and consortia are regularly involved in marketing and promoting their e-resources. This might include: web pages; posters; leaflets; displays; and training. The Electronic Resource Promotion Competition provides a showcase for these activities, sharing and celebrating these achievements.
This competition invited librarians and consortia to outline their marketing and promotion plans for the year and win one of 10 small grants to use towards implementing their plans.
Topics included:
innovative ways of promoting online resources
creating eye-catching library displays
promoting the library and resources to faculty and university administrators
promoting the library resources to new user groups
using the media to promote your consortium and activities
using access to electronic resources as an advocacy tool to enhance the status of libraries
training of library staff to be aware of and promote electronic resources
For more information visit INASP e-resource promotion